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Piano Lessons For Adults in Ridgefield, CT

Piano lessons for adults are available at Galina Music Studio in Ridgefield, CT for pianists of all levels – whether you are a beginner with no experience, or an advanced professional.
If you are interested in taking piano lessons for adults in Ridgefield, CT, please contact Galina Music Studio by e-mail: GalinaZMusic@gmail.com, or by telephone: 203.665.8884.


“Galina is an outstanding teacher. When I, as an adult student, was searching for the teacher I wanted, my criteria included academic depth, musical performance experience and pedagogic philosophy. Galina offers all of these and more. She has been invaluable in helping me address and correct the many bad habits I have developed under less rigorous instruction. She has helped me immensely in developing technical skills, learning theory, sight reading and expressive playing. I am ever grateful to be able to study with Galina.” -C.W.